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About us

Agency Lesser hopped on a trend of the last few years and Strengthens cooperation with tourism entities seeking to conduct responsible tourism, as environmentally friendly as possible. Mass tourism causes pollution of popular destinations as well as their surrounding areas. We are still able to cut down consequences of such actions thanks to so-called „responsible tourism“.

It seems like the most sophisticated program, which is open to all subjects of tourism, including tourists themselves, is offered by organization called Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC).

Airline KLM is trying to start a chain of reactions regarding changes in traveller´s thinking and behaviour. You can watch short video about this topic here.

Iberostar, a network of hotels, is making a lot of effort to reduce the burden of the environment caused by tourism in a worldwide scale. We will accommodate you in one of their hotels with pleasure. In case you´re interested in ongoing program „Wave of change” organized by Iberostar, you can watch them here and/or here.

If the topic of responsibility towards our environment and ways to help at least a bit to stop climate changes appeals to you and you want to know more, you can look into following links of particular programs here or here.

Very impressing and wide range of travelling tips, offers and information mainly about the responsible tourism, not only for travelers, is offered by one partner of our agency, German portal expi.tv.

There´s no doubt that German travelling agency Chamäleon Reisen was one of the pioneers in eco-friendly travelling and we are their proud partner for the Czech Republic. They arrange trips around the globe, in small groups for the most part, for nearly 20 years. Company´s founder is Ingo Lies, whose primary vision is to arrange responsible win-win travelling with as high income for host countries as possible.

Because philosophy and concept of this type of travelling is really connected with us, here is a short profile of our partnered agency.

Twenty years ago, when Ingo founded firm, he said in his first 12 page long catalogue about travelling: „there has to be way how not to be only visitor in foreign countries, but to become part of it´s culture and nature, even for the very short period of beautiful time spent on well-deserved holiday. There has to be way to understand people with different priorities and horizons, with different songs on their lips. There has to be way to become friends with them and to enrich each other.”

Imaginations about responsible tourism are formed by many factors. It´s those deep and unforgettable memories, which are causing goosebumps. Those are made possible by sharing experiences in group of maximally 12 people, so no one has to be „standing in second line”.
On the other hand, there is a great value to may share proximity to host country and it´s culture. Only local tour guides can open you those doors, which would remain close if you went by yourself. Last, but not least, are there local service providers, organizers, lodge owners, all those good friends of Chamäleon Reisen, who are giving life to the concept of discovering miracles of world this way. And mainly it´s optional commitment to all those people, who devote foreign guests memories to remember, to give something back: 70 percent of trip´s price stays in host country. Around 53 percent of this number remains to local partners, accommodations, guides and local social projects [chiefly education and support of local school system], remaining 17 percent to national airlines.

With intention to protect nature, reducing the burden coming from travelling by plane, often on long distances, and as contribution to saving rainforests in South America, Chamäleon Reisen management started to buy first areas of indigenous rainforest in Ecuador in September of 2010. Chamäleon Reisen is owner of 12 million square meters of mentioned rainforest to this date, this area is under status as nature reserve now.

Travel agency buys additional 100 square meters for every customer and she/he even get their own owner certificate1. It serve as a proof that traveller tries to keep our world inhabitable. Forest area this big can filter up to 5,3 tons of peroxide carbon [CO2], which is approximately the same amount of CO2 that one long haul flight will produce.

More detailed information about this project are here [curently in German only]: Rainforest Foundation Pastaza Ecuador.

rainforest certAll Chamäleon Reisen tour participants will also receive their very own re-fillable ecological bottle for drinking water. According to Chamäleon HQ, by doing this, they saved roughly 615 000 plastic bottles nowadays.

Fundamental philosophy of company management is, that journey to foreign countries shouldn´t be autotelic, journey shouldn´t be about simply “going somewhere”.

You can help, step by step, to improve quality of life in host country, by deciding to go on a holiday with Chamäleon Reisen. The ultimate goal of this mission is to bring the dream about world, where people understand each other, to reality.

Enjoy travelling  :-)


Igor Kukliš